Barbara Nwosu


Barbara Nwosu

My Life Purpose:
Enjoy the “Supercivilisation” NOW!

My Vision:
I am a “Life Transformation Specialist” My intended result is to have fun, and condition the planet to be the luckiest place in the Universe.  People who join me are (set up) to be succcessful.  Brilliance, Fun, Luck, and Joy can’t help but rub off on them to positively raise their vibration.

I intend to spread “The Real Secret” , “New Technology”, “Global Information Network” and other systems such as  ”Simpleology” like wildfire, attracting unlimited numbers of the (right) people who collectively co-create the most Abundant and Brilliant ideas, Actions and Manifestations that have ever been experienced on this planet.

My ultimate manifestation is to be the example to humanity to integrate, awaken and become “Happy, Connected, and Abundant with Brilliance, Simplicity and Ease.”
There Are No Coincidences.

My Values:
Fully Integrated Honesty
Wide Scope Accountability
Eternal Success

My Current Projects:

Organized World Associates

Keep up with Gavriel Nathan Shawhttp://www.gavrielshaw.com/

NP Membership – Personal, Professional and Productivity

7 Steps of Organizing
The 7-step formula giving you a permanent skill to organize anything super-fast and with total confidence such as events, projects, studies or the home.

Life Direction Clarifier
Remember your forgotten life goals and dreams? Now you have a comprehensive program to identify exactly what will make you super-happy… detoxify negative elements in your life… and help manage your focus towards the lifestyle you want and deserve.

The Folderarchy Solution
Organize your life with this simple technique using your computer with a permanent collection of all your hobbies, projects, interests, responsibilities and memories. Easily achieve full grasp on all important areas of your life, auto-magically organized, and always available at the click of a button.

Insta-Time Natural Time Management System
Drop all those bad time management habits learned from old and obsolete information. Enjoy the natural approach to complete yet flexible and intuitive time management.

Missing Principles Handbook
Revealing the secret principles of mind control that outcompete and obsolete most self-help, giving you the structured approach to controlling your mind. Never before have the principles of creating lasting life success been so effectively captured in such an emotionally memorable way. Most people re-read this concise handbook numerous times as they reach greater clarity and mind-control.

Neothink Implant Report
Private report for “Neothink Readers” only

Secrets of The New Professional

My Sites:

Primary http://www.barbaranwosu.com/

Personal http://www.bnwosu.wordpress.com/

Professional http://www.barbaranwosu.wordpress.com/

Neo Special http://www.zonessence.wordpress.com/